USPS Testimonials

"USPS courses gave me the confidence I needed to prepare for a yearlong circumnavigation."

Edie Hayward, USPS Member 9 years

"I thought I knew a lot about boating before, but now my knowledge and skills have increased many times over."

        Paul Mermelstein, USPS member 8 years

"Most of all, USPS is about people!  It’s true that we have the most effective recreational boater education program available and that we are truly integrated into our respective communities.  However, at the end of the day, it’s the relationships that we build with our fellow USPS members that make our organization really special."

       Peter TenBrink

"We took a boating course when we moved to a new state -we joined the United States Power Squadrons because of the amount of local knowledge, the number of members that enjoyed sharing that knowledge.  There are other organizations but this one welcomed everyone -income, educational background, career -none of that was important -all that matters is the love of boating and working together to make a better boating experience for the community."

      Kay Simkins

"When our 16 year old Son wanted to take our bass boat out by himself I told him he needed to take the United States Power Squadron’s  Safe Boating Class and I took it with him.

At the end of the class I was invited to join the Beaumont Power Squadron and I have been a USPS member for 30 years.

Last year I told my Grandson he needed to take the ABC3 boating safety course if he wanted to operate our boat by himself.

So now my Son’s Son has passed the course and I am confident that he will be a safe Skipper."


             Peter H. Hames