The main public service of United States Power Squadrons and Coos Bay Squadron has been the safety education of boaters. As the organizations have grown more services to the public have been added.
Through a program known as Cooperative Charting, United States Power Squadrons® and Coos Bay Squadron have assisted the federal government in keeping navigation charts current by reporting changes that have taken place since the last edition of the chart was printed. Coos Bay squadron has adopted the Coos Bay chart #18587 and helps keep it up to date by reporting changes that affect navigation.

Another public service for boaters is the Vessel Safety Check program (VSC), the program developed with the Coast Guard Auxilary to replace the CME ( Courtesy Marine Examination).

Coos Bay Squadron also cooperates with the Coos County Marine Deputies, the US Coast Guard and Auxillary and National Safe Boating Council in promoting National Safe Boating Week and boating safety through out the year.

For more information on any of these services contact an officer of Coos Bay Squadron. ( listed below )


Squadron meetings are on the Second Sunday of each month, except during the summer. Executive Board meetings are on the Fourth Sunday each month. All meetings are held at the Squadron Building at the Boat Basin in Charleston. The meetings begin at 1400 (2:00 PM) when on Standard time and 1600 (4:00PM)when on Daylight time.
To visit a meeting or for more information about classes or how to become a member of the squadron contact one of the Officers listed below.


CommanderCraig Beyer,AP 541-290-3957
Education Officer Allen Swanson,P 541-888-6178
Executive Officer Michael Gibbons,JN 541-290-7694
Administrative Officer Eric Trapp,P 541-659-0437
Treasurer Linda Yoder,AP 541-590-0944
Secretary Carol Schuldt 541-294-3339
Assistant SEO Jonathan Yoder,JN 541-991-1181

2017-2018 Officers

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Members are kept informed by three publications,
ALL available on-line.

The Ensign
District 32's
Coos Bay's
new- click on "the Whistler" for online edition
      (updated monthly)


Animated flags courtesy Pascal Gross

CBPS bldg after 30yr facelift.
For rental information call Al at(541)888-6178
CBPS bldg at 90346 Guano Rock Lane, Charleston OR;
Lat 43° 20'39"N    Lo 124° 19'39"W
For rental information call Al (541)888-6178


Make Every Week a Safe Boating Week during 2018
For more information about USPS call 1(888) FOR-USPS
For information about Coos Bay Squadron call:
(541)756-4408, (541)888-6178

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