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Current Stategic Plan 22 Nov 2014

The USPS® Planning Committee

5.8.5 There shall be a Planning Committee reporting to the Board of Directors, composed of not  fewer than five members nor more than 11 members of whom one shall be chairman. The Planning Committee shall make recommendations in response to queries referred to it by the Board of Directors or by the Governing Board and make recommendations on its own initiative of proposed changes of any kind for the betterment of USPS. The immediate Past Chief Commander shall serve as liaison between the Planning Committee and the Board of Directors.[Bylaw 5.8.5]

Time limitations at many Governing Board and Board of Director's meetings prohibit discussions to the depth that many subjects require. These topics may be referred to the Planning Committee for study and consideration. That committee subsequently reports its recommendation back to the referring body.

Resolutions from district conferences or USPS departments that represent possible changes in policy or procedure may be referred to this committee for study and report. Over a period of years, the planning committee may restudy a subject previously considered since it must keep abreast of social and legal changes.

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