What is the United States Power Squadron (USPS®)? 

    The United States Power Squadrons is the world's largest private, non-profit, boating organization. Established in 1914, USPS has some 60,000 members organized into 450 squadrons across the country and in US territories. Our members are boating families who contribute to their communities by promoting safe boating on the water and in the classroom. 
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  What is Storm King Power Squadron (SKPS)?

Storm King Power Squadron (SKPS) is a unit of the United States Power Squadrons. SKPS is one of twenty squadrons that compose District 2.  District 2 (D2) is located in the Hudson Valley , the Lake Champlain area, the Capitol area of NY and the western ends of Connecticut and Mass. Over 2000 members in D2 share boating knowledge and camaraderie. Experienced instructors teach courses on Seamanship, Piloting, Navigation, weather and much more. Successfully completing the USPS Boating Course meets the educational requirements for boat operation in all states. 
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Where is SKPS? 
SKPS is based in the Mid-Hudson Are a of New York State. Many activities and functions take place around the Cornwall area just south of Newburgh. Public Boating Safety courses are often held in Newburgh.
Some of the activities that SKPS does include: 
  • Boating Education. The Squadron does at least two Public Boating Safety courses each year with a Young Boaters (ages 10-18) course running concurrently. Other boating and navigation courses for members . Contact a Squadron member for more information. 
  • Civic  Services. USPS members help the National Ocean Service keep nautical charts accurate and save taxpayers millions of dollars each year by reporting chart corrections. The USPS also locates and reports on the condition of Geodetic Survey Marks. These marks are used as starting points for land survey, map making, engineering, construction, environmental measurements and geological studies. 
  • Other Activities. SKPS members enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of fellow boats. They share the experience and skills that enhance a safe and  fun time on the water. On-the-water activities include: Cruises, Rendezvous, Sail Races, Rafting, and more. On shore some of the activities include: Barbecues, Safety demonstrations,  Geodetic Spring picnics, and more.
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