2015 Spring Conference and Change of Watch

 Commander’s Message

Thank you for electing me as District 4 Commander.  I appreciate your confidence and, with your help, will work to improve the district during my Watch Year of 2015-2016.

Overall, our goal is to help make the water a safer place to be.  The basic problem is that many people venture out in boats and do not know the laws or “the rules of the road”.  This leads to incidents and accidents that could be avoided with the proper knowledge and training.  The solution to this problem is education and on the water training.

As an organization that has been teaching safe boating since 1914, we provide the means to help solve this problem.  Through class room instruction, as well as on the water practice, the United States Power Squadrons have contributed immeasurably to reducing boating accidents.  In addition, we provide a fraternal and community friendly organization where people with a common interest can gather, provide a valuable service, and benefit by making and enjoying new friends.  The next step is to get involved.  Remember, when you attend a USPS event, the room is full of friends; all you need is an introduction.

At our Change of Watch I asked our active squadron members to do 2 things:

1.    Call someone you have not seen in awhile and ask them to attend an event or join your committee.  Get them involved so they can experience the benefits of membership and want to stay on as a member.

2.    Invite a friend or family member to join.  You will not only help them gain boating safety knowledge (or perhaps a required boating certificate) but get to see them on a regular basis (no more “let’s get together sometime”) that never happens.  Since this reaches people who did not attend our Change of Watch, I will add one more:

3.    If you are a member who has not participated in awhile, (maybe you sold your boat, maybe your spouse passed away, maybe your friends moved away) please reconsider.  Call someone you know, call your squadron commander or call me.  We would love to have you join us again at fun filled events.  You will be welcome to make new friends, reminisce with old ones, share your experience and knowledge on a committee, or possibly help or teach a class.   Remember our motto: “Come for the Boating Education, stay for the Friends”.

The United States Power Squadrons provide a valuable service to their communities and those who enjoy boating-from kayaks to yachts-but also, as our chief commander has stated, “we are not afraid to have fun”.  We enthusiastically invite you to join us for a safe, fun filled season.

      Richard Pfaff, JN, Commander, District 4      


Commander Richard Pfaff 2015

D4 Bridge Officers 2015

Swearing in Bridge 2015

New Commander Sworn In

Exec and Commander Elaine and Richard Pfaff

New Commander and USPS Chief 2015

Awards Ceremony 2015

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