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The Squadron

Organized in 1914, the United States Power Squadrons® (USPS) is a non profit, educational organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects. Our members are boating families who contribute to their communities by promoting safe boating through education. We enjoy participating with our fellow members on the water and in the classroom. USPS has some 60,000 members organized into 33 districts and 450 squadrons across the country and in some US territories. USPS is America's largest non-profit boating organization and has been honored by three US presidents for its civic contributions.

Each squadron's activities involve the three primary objectives of USPS: community service, continuing education, and enjoying the friendship and camaraderie of our fellow members.

The Ithaca Sail & Power Squadron (ISPS) is a member of USPS and is part of District 6 which includes 18 squadrons throughout central and western New York State.  ISPS was chartered in 1941 and has a current membership of both sail and power boaters.  It is governed by a "Bridge" which is elected annually.  ISPS encourages those taking an USPS public boating course or seminar to apply for membership in the squadron.

2020 Bridge

Squadron Commander -   Auguste Duplan, P
Executive Officer -    Ed Sanders, P
Administrative Officer -    Jessy Duplan, S
Treasurer -    Gene Milliman, SN
Secretary -    Jessy, Duplan, S
Education Officer -    Auguste Duplan, P
Asst. Education Officer   Jamie Saroka, AP
Port Captain    Ralph Jones, AP

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