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Sixth Annual Stink Pot Cruise
April 30 - May 4, 2008
Chula Vista, CA

by Ron and Rose Werner

San Diego offers a very nice change of agenda for boating.
The weather was outstanding!!!!! Every day was perfect with no morning cloud cover and very nice temperatures.

To add to the event was the Red Bull Air Races. This added a new venue that added to the excitement.
Thursday and Friday were full sailing days sailing on Frank Fitzgerald's boat "WIND TREE".
Saturday Tutsi and Raoul hosted a day of power boating on "HOKIE II"
The people that attended the function were:
Ron & Rose Werner
Tutsi Silapalikitporn & Raoul Jacques
Frank Fitzgerald
Ray & Mrium (Friends)

Between the seven of us, this turned out to be one of our best trips ever. We had stories, training, for all. Even for the old timers. No one was unhappy. We had a steak fry, shrimp feast and so much more food that wetted the pallet to its limits.
San Diego's Fleet Week has always been a special event. This Sea / Air Parade we saw the boats that are boating all the way up or down the California Coast. This was no different. This year we had the RED BULL RACE .The Navy proudly showed off 14 aircraft and six warships. a frigate, a cruiser, two amphibious ships, two destroyers. This is far better than any thing one could anticipate. We saw the Midway. The planes go sideways through their course. We had great temperatures. We saw so many sail boats and power boats that all was enjoyable. The carrier Ronald Regan had its pennants out in the morning. We also saw two tall ships, the California and HMS Surprise. We heard their guns firing. We had front row seats right from our boats.

The sights around San Diego Bay

Mirum and Rose take in the view from the bow

Frank has the helm and Ron observes

The US Navy up close and personal

The CALIFORNIAN tacks across the channel

The Red Baron flying team

Race course for the air race

The RONALD REGAN shows her colors

Spectator boats for the air race

(l-r) Ray, Raoul, Tutsie, Ron, Frank and Rose

This event we all learned new things and we all enjoyed each other's company and knowledge sharing very much.

This week end, it all fell into place and turned out terrific every day! We had the entire gang give input and we listened. We were glad to have their suggestions.
We were able to do a few Vessel Inspections on this long week end event.

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