Our Commander - Steve Vetter - Welcomes You

 Welcome to the Syracuse Sail & Power Squadronís home on the web, and the United States Power Squadron - AMERICAS BOATING CLUB. If you are a boater in the central area of New York there is no finer group of people to be associated with.

 Syracuse Sail & Power Squadron (SSPS) is a unit of United States Power Squadrons, a boating organization dedicated to safe boating through public and self-education. The Public Courses build a community of boaters with basic knowledge of boating, the rules of the road, safety and seamanship.

Aside from life-long friendships gained as a member, I have also taken advantage of many of the educational opportunities offered. Although the public boating course has changed through the years, the focus has stayed the same as when I took it prior to joining the squadron. Upon joining SSPS I quickly took advantage of the courses offered to members.

Member education is one of the greatest benefits of membership in United States Power Squadrons. Advanced courses include Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation, and Navigation. Courses are also offered in Engine Maintenance, Marine Electronics, Sail, Weather, Cruise Planning and Instructor Development. Click on this link for more information on these courses: http://www.usps.org/e_stuff/member_courses.htm

SSPS also offers time for FUN. We have interesting programs at meetings, parties, dinners and on-water activities. * Fun Stuff *

Being able to pass on my love of water and boating has been loads of fun too. Teaching the public boating courses, to both adults and youth, and sharing experiences with new boaters canít be beat.

If you are new to boating, or are a seasoned boater, I urge you to consider membership in SSPS. It has provided me, and many other members, with life-long friendships, life-long learning opportunities, and more fun on and around the water than you can get anywhere else

















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