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USPS is a private, non-profit, non-governmental and non-military organization of adult United States citizens, men and women who are socially compatible and have a common love and appreciation for pleasure boating (whether power or sail). Boat ownership is not a requirement. Objects of the organization are self-education, civic service and social activities. There are no barriers to membership on grounds of race, religion or ethnic background. Nationwide, USPS is comprised of some 40,000 members in over 400 squadrons in all 50 states. Organized in 1914, and based on a “club within a club” unit of the Boston Yacht Club, USPS is now the world’s largest private boating group.

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Taunton River Bylaws

The Taunton River Power Squadron was founded in 1954 as an offshoot of the Narragansett Bay Power Squadron and currently has about 100 members. While social activities are a regular part of the calendar, self-education and civic service are stressed.
Public Boating Safety Classes are offered twice a year. Cooperative arrangements exist with the National Ocean Service, U. S. Coast Guard, BOAT/US, and with various state and local authorities in furthering boating safety. The Taunton River Power Squadron is one of 7 squadrons which make up USPS District 14 which covers Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts and most of Rhode Island.

Membership offers a number of programs that are interesting and informative and give individuals a chance to socialize with others who have a common interest in boating. Educational opportunities are available to members through courses ranging from Seamanship and Piloting to Celestial Navigation with appropriate recognition at each level of attainment. Members may also avail themselves of a number of optional and elective courses including Cruise Planning, Instructor Development, Marine Electronics and many others.

USPS is strictly an organization of volunteers – no member on any level is paid for any activity he or she performs.


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