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Lending Library


Subject Name Author Date Comments Custodian
Boat Reviews Choosing a Cruising Sailboat Marshall, Roger 1999 Designer reveals features of different hull types (1)
Boat Reviews The World's Best Sailboats Matte, Ferenc 1986 Great pictures, specs and evaluations of luxury yachts (1)
Boat Reviews The World's Best Sailboats, Vol II Matte, Ferenc 2003 Great pictures, specs and evaluations of luxury yachts (1)
Boat Systems The Finely Fitted Yacht Matte, Ferenc 1979 Over 200 boat improvement projects (1)
Boat Systems The Nature of Boats Gerr, David 1995 Instruction and basic reference (1)
Boat Systems The 12 Volt Bible Brotherton & Sherman 2003 Battery and charging tech, troubleshooting, etc. (1)
  How To
The Big Book of Boat Canvas Lipe, Karen 1991 Instruction and basic reference (1)
Cruising Adventure Mischief in Patagonia Tilman, H.W. 1987 True stories of adventure under sail (1)
Cruising Adventure Mischief among the Penguins Tilman, H.W. 1987 True stories of adventure under sail (1)
Cruising Adventure Mischief in Greenland Tilman, H.W. 1987 True stories of adventure under sail (1)
Cruising Adventure Mostly Mischief Mischief Goes South Tilman, H.W. 1987 True stories of adventure under sail (1)
Cruising Adventure In Mischief's Wake Tilman, H.W. 1987 True stories of adventure under sail (1)
Cruising Adventure The Voyage of American Promise Morgan, Dodge 1989 Story of non-stop single-handed circumnavigation (1)
  How to
Cruising: the boats and the places Robinson, Wm. 1981 Chartering, buying a cruising boat, destinations (1)
  How to
Advanced Blue Water Cruising Stutphen, Hal 2001 Guide for preparing for offshore passages (1)
  How to
Changing Course Cantrell, Debra A. 2004 A Woman's Guide to choosing the cruising life (1)
  How to
Deep water cruising Stuermer 1980 Reference on boat systems and cruising (1)
  How to
Blue Water Dream Clark, D.H. 1981 Practical guide to long range cruising (1)
  How to
Sensible Cruising Casey & Hackler 1986 The Thoreau approach to enjoying cruising (1)
  How to
Cruising under Sail Hiscock, Eric 1999 A standard for those planning long distance cruising (1)
Maintenance This Old Boat Casey, Don 1991 Renovations and upgrades on a budget (1)
  Marine Diesel Engines Calder, Nigel 1992 Be your own diesel mechanic (1)
Maintenance Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual Calder, Nigel 2005 The best reference source on boat systems (1)
  How to
Knots and Ropework Trower, Nola 1996 Excellent illustrations of knots and splices (1)
Nautical Lore Sailing Alone Around the World Slocaum, Joshua 1956 Mostly true story of the first solo circumnavigation (1)
Nautical Lore The Boats They Sailed In Doherty, J.S 1985 Details and Pictures of famous cruising sailboats (1)
Nautical Lore The Coast of Summer Bailey, Anthony 1994 Sailing New England waters from Sherter Is. To Cape Cod (1)
Sailing How To Advanced Sailing Gibbs, Tony 1975
Good reference book for the intermediate sailor
Sailing How To Sail Power Ross, Wallace 1975 Timeless Classic, theory and practice (1)
Sailing How To The Best of Sail Trim Sail Magazine 1975 Collected articles covers most situations (1)
Sailing How To Blue Water Racing Van Rietschoten 1985 Offshore sailboat racing technique (1)
Sailing How To Sailing Theory and Practice Marchaj, C.A. 1964 Physics lesson in sail & hull efficiency, trim, etc. (1)
Storm Story At the Mercy of the Sea Kretschmer, John 2007 Three boats caught in a hurricane (1)
Storm Story Fatal Forecast Tougias, Michael 2007 An incorrect forecast of fair weather results in a gripping tale of survival when a huge storm raises 100-foot seas on George's Bank (1)
Survival Adrift Callahan, Steven 1986 Seventy six days crossing the Atlantic in a life raft (1)
   How to
Weather Wizard's Cloud Book Rubin & Duncan 1989 Forecasting by reading the clouds (1)
   How to
Understanding Weatherfax Harris, Mike 2005 Forecasting using radio and internet weather charts (1)
  Deep Water Cruising Stuermer     (4)
  Boatowner's Guide to Modern Maintenence John Duffett     (4)
  Yachtman's Emergency Handbook Hollander & Mertes     (4)
  Commonsense Coastal Navigation Hewitt Schlereth     (4)
  Advanced Sailing Tony Gibbs     (4)
  Engines for Sailboats Conrad Miller     (4)
Maintenance Fiberglass Boats (Construction, Repair, Maintenence) John Roberts     (4)
Bosun's Chair Excellent To work aloft (2)
Long bed jointer   Good  To be used in Cumberland, RI   (3)
Thickness planer Good  To be used in Cumberland, RI   (3)
            To borrow an item contact:
Roy Belcher serenade_w42@yahoo.com
Morey Waltuck mwaltuck@comcast.net
Ken White kbwhite2@hotmail.com
(4) Jack Murphy trps@verizon.net


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