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Photo Album - Recent Events

Vermilion Power Squadron Burgee

Change of Watch - March 21, 2019
Cdr KerryKerry OathV C Craig2019 Bridge w flags
folksKerry w familySpraggins w LianaMAK
Dave and JudyCoopersBrian

Summer 2018

Dedication of the new Vermilion  ADA Kayak Launch - June 3
Vermilion Sail & Power Squadron had a display tent at this event
Kerry Marianne and Dave set up the displayDave at the officeDaves boat across the river    

Clean the Black River - May 5

Vermilion staffed the registration table at one of the two cleanup sites,
and we had 'fun' putting up the shade canopy

tableRalph and Marianne at the Reg TableTim setting up canopy Rich getting the water bottles ready
Larry and TimRich and Marianne    gilbert
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2018 D7 Spring Conference
Paul n EstherDave BRalph n Larry n CatheEducation Fund Awards to SquadronsPaul n EstherDave n Esther n Paul

2018 Change of Watch

ChW Oath  2018 Bridge2018 ChW

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2017 Change of Watch
P/C Tim Smith received the Bialorucki Excellence in Service Awar
Bridge1whole bridgeTim n PaulTims DaveB Award

2016 D7 Fall Conference
Sawmill Creek - Hosted by Vermilion

Bob and Judy MossPat and Jean VerlottiCatheJackie and Mary AnnHospitality Room Setup w DK, MK and BevDave and Mary AnnDave and Mary AnnConference Registration AreaBob and larryRalphAuction ticket salesEsther and PaulPaul and Bob

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Alex and Santa Bruce and Patti Merry ChristmasDecember Membership Meeting at Beaver Park Yacht Club, Lorain Barzyks Coopers
Coverts Dave B Gary and Friends Kastls McCulloughs
Sams Family Sams again Alex and Toni Scotts Skladens

                                                                          "Monte Carlo Wedding Chapel" - Vermilion's Hositality Room at the 2015 D7 Spring Conference
Esther and Paul Patti and Bruce Monte Carlo Judy and Bob JeanAndPat
Karen And Tim 2
Attorney Jean Lynne and Jeff ChapelPic MAAndDave
RichAndPatti DaveB Entry WeddingCakes PregnantPatti

More of the 2015 D7 Spring Conference - Ice Breaker and Gilligan's Island
IceBreaker Welcome Ice Breaker Gilligans Island Gilligan Waking the Skipper
Gilligan3 Gilligan4 Gilligan Gilligan

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