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Basic Boating Safety Courses
[Open to members & the public, no boating experience needed]
[Advanced courses below, click here for them]
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America's Boating Course 3rd Edition

This course offers a basis of safe boating knowledge. It is NASBLA approved & meets/exceeds NY state requirements for certification for Personal Watercraft (PWC) operation. It also meets the educational requirement for membership in USPS. Click here for details. NOTE: A new NY state law requires ALL boaters to have a basic education. The law will be phased in over time, with the requirement for young boaters beginning in Spring 2014.

Next Offerings: See below for future offerings.

Future offerings planned: For questions about future offerings, contact Al Leach by email at or Hank Hinckley by phone at 716-553-9869.

Most recent offerings (completed):
16 & 23 May 2015
- An ABC class was offered at the Island Yacht Club, Wilson, NY. Class each day ran from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM. 7 students registered and all 7 successfully completed the course.
21-22 Jun 2014 at Island Yacht Club, Wilson, NY, 9 AM to 1 PM each day (2 4 hour sessions complete the required 8 course hours). 10 students successfully completed the course (a larger turnout than other recent classes!)
May 2014 - 2 classes were offered, both at the Niagara County Public Safety Building, 5574 Niagara St. Extension, Lockport, NY: (1) Saturday, 24 May 2014 - 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, was successfully completed by 4 students.(2)3 Thursdays, 15, 22 & 29 May 2014 - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, was cancelled when no students attended.
22 & 24 Oct 2013, at Olcott Yacht Club, an ABC course was held in 2-evening sessions. Six students successfully completed the course.
May/June 2013:Two ABC classes were offered, one on Tuesdays & one on Thursdays. Both were held at Lockport High School, Room 144. No one selected the Tuesday class, so it was cancelled. The Thursday class ran May 24, 31 & June 7, with 3 students successfully completing it.

May 2012
: 2 Classes were taught at Lockport High School. 1st class started 8 May 12, is complete, 6 students passed exam. 2nd class started 17 May 12, is complete with 7 students passing the exam.

Past course offerings are listed in the Archives.

Advanced Courses
[Open to members & the public, who have completed prerequisites or have equivalent experience]

Please note: The SEO & ASEO are currently planning Advanced grade courses for this fall. If there is a class you want to take, contact the Educational officer by clicking here or his assistant by clicking here.

NEW "mentoring proram": For those courses where only one or two are interested, you can still be accommodated. LSPS is testing a mentoring arrangement, where the student does home study, but has an expert mentor available, as needed, to assist. Three students have completed Weather, using this method.

Recent completed courses:
Seamanship - Started 31 Oct 12, at Lockport High School (Room 144). 5 students successfully passed the exam.
Engine Maintenance - Started 15 Mar 12 at BOCES. Taught by John Jeckovich, a mechanic & experienced instructor at BOCES. Completed with 5 students passing the exam.
Weather - Started as part of the mentoring program. After a problem with exam results, the students received their passing grades recently (29 Sep 15).

For course descriptions, click here.

Past course offerings are listed in the Archives.

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