Up-to-date instructions and documentation, as well as the latest release of DB2000, are available for download directly from the developers.

If you have questions about the appropriate files needed to download, please check the developers' pages first.

DB2000 is a program designed to help with the management of squadron and district roster databases and form submissions. It includes the following features:
  • Electronic Submission of Merit Marks
  • Electronic Submission of OD1, OD2, H102, and Historian's Forms
  • Powerful Query and Reporting Facilities
"A Power Point Presentation describing the electronic merit mark process is available for download from ftp://www.usps.org/DB2000/FTP/EMM.pps."

Additional Power Point presentations for other functions will be forthcoming soon.

More information on requesting roster data files from national is available on the roster information page.

Data Files
More information on the format of the data files is maintained in the FAQ pages.
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