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Norwalk Sail and Power Squadron
Norwalk Harbor; photo by Peter Massini (petermassini@mac.com) STV Unicorn Anchored off Sheffield Island Light; Photo by Paul Bryant-Smith Norwalk Islands; photo by Peter Massini (petermassini@mac.com) Sprite Island; Photo by Gretchen Yengst (www.gretchenyengst.com) Wilson Cove; photo by Peter Massini (petermassini@mac.com) A Working Vessel; photo by Peter Massini (petermassini@mac.com) Red Dog in the Stamford Denmark Race; Photo courtesy of Capt Mike Brown, SN

Take a course to earn your CT Safe Boating Certificate.
See the Boating Classes page for more details.


The United States Power Squadrons® is a national nonprofit boating organization with over 40,000 members in 450 squadrons across the country. Founded in 1914, it is America's largest educational boating organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects. Our members are boating families like yours who contribute to their communities by promoting safe boating through education.

The Norwalk Sail & Power Squadron is a part of this national boating safety educational organization. We have fun, we offer boating-related educational courses, and we do civic service. To find out more about the purpose of our organization, click here.

If you want to find others who share your love of boating, if you want to boost your boating skills and confidence, if you want to share good, wholesome family boating fun with others, look no further. You have found your new boating club! The Norwalk Sail & Power Squadron has both on and off-water family-oriented social activities — and courses in seamanship, navigation, sail, weather, engine maintenance, and many other boat-related subjects.

We invite you to take courses with our squadron, and, if you'd like, become a part of an organization that shares your love of boating and the water.

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Meet our Commander

Welcome to the Norwalk Sail & Power Squadron. This year we've planned numerous events ranging from our annual picnic, on-the-water events like our annual raft-up, as well as our safe boating Courses, Vessel Safety Checks, advanced courses, our holiday party and more! We’re working hard to offer the kinds of activities that you and your family will enjoy as well as opportunities for you to give back to your community and fellow boaters. We look forward to having you join us.
— Jim
Squadron Cdr
Jim Dobbs
jdob3542 at aol dot com

. . . and our Bridge Officers

Barry Bosworth
Executive Officer
Barry Bosworth, P
boz dot sailing at gmail dot com
Fred Zinsser
Administrative Officer
Fred Zinsser, AP-IN
fred.zinsser at sbcglobal dot net
Jim Dobbs
Secretary & Ops Training Chair

Jim Dobbs, AP
jdob3542 at aol dot com
Les White
Leslie White, JN
lwhite at agrisoftware dot com
Karl Wagner
Squadron Education Officer
Karl Wagner, JN-IN
kwagner9 at optonline dot net
Kai Horan
Kai Horan, AP
kai at oceanvue dot com
Mike Brown
Mike A. Brown, SN
reddog_captain at yahoo dot com

blue line Meet our Committee Chairpeople

Assistant SEO
Open position
Fred Zinsser
Port Captain and Ship Store
Fred Zinsser, AP-IN
fred.zinsser at sbcglobal dot net
Karl Wagner
Ship 6 Liaison Chair
Karl Wagner, JN-IN
kwagner9 at optonline dot net

Adv Grades Chair
Open position
Dave Martin
Vessel Safety Check Chair
Dave Martin, JN
david at soludecoffee dot com
Jim Hamren
Jim Hamren, JN-IN
hamren at optonline dot net

Ship 6 Committee
Ship 6 Liaison Committee
Mike Brown, SN; Fred Zinsser, AP; Laura Shaw, AP;
Karl Wagner, JN; Kai Horan, AP; Jon Ricci, SN

The initials after the members' names indicate the level of coursework attained. The letters come from the names of the courses and are taken in order — Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation, (Senior) Navigation. For an explanation of what the courses cover, visit our Boating Classes page.

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Norwalk Sail & Power Squadron
is the proud sponsor of Sea Scouts Ship 6

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Enjoy your boat more!

We are a non-profit boating safety education organization dedicated to enthusiastically sharing nautical knowledge. Check out these pages, then email our commander with any questions. We look forward to having you and your family learn with us.

Safe Boating Week ceremony at Norwalk's town docks.

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