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We all love to go boating, but do we really know what we're doing out there?

Last year 800 Americans lost their lives in boating incidents and many more were injured—most incidents caused by operator controllable factors, not by the boat, equipment or environmental factors.

You probably think you know your stuff, but do you really? Test your boating knowledge the easy way, on-line or on TV with the United States Power Squadrons' National Safe Boating Test.

The original USPS National Safe Boating Test was broadcast in prime time on Speedvision Television four times during National Safe Boating Week--May 19-25, 2001. Because of its excellent reception the station plans to run it again and broadcast dates will be posted on this site when we receive them. USPS National Safe Boating Test videos (which are actually 10-minutes longer than the television program) will soon be distributed to all USPS squadrons, Coast Guard Auxiliary flotillas, and to Boating Law Administrators and these videos are being provided for a speaker's program at yacht clubs, marinas, schools, and civic service organizations.

The USPS National Safe Boating Test may also be used by other television stations for broadcasting in either 46-minute or 56-minute lengths in whatever format the station prefers (beta, 3/4,etc.) at the nominal cost of duplicating and shipping. For more information on obtaining a USPS or CG Auxiliary speaker, or for broadcasting on another station, call 1-888-FOR USPS (1-888-367-8777)

The subject of Safe Boating is so vast that after taking the original National Safe Boating Test you will want to test your knowledge even further. Additional Safe Boating Tests will be offered periodically on this web site. To take one of our tests, please click on a TEST in the list below.

Conclusion: Small, open boats continue to be the type of craft most involved in fatal boating accidents

Conclusion: Drinking and not wearing a PFD are major safety concerns.

Conclusion: Better boating education and safety practices are required to reduce the number of incidents and reduce both health care and rescue costs

As part of the National Safe Boating Test grant request for a one hour television program and 10,000 videos, a web site was also included. This site, along with the TV program and videos, was created by Dual Media, with help from USPS educational consultants. The grant only covered maintenance of the site by Dual Media until 31 May 2001. Because of the site's value, USPS has elected to transfer it to our USPS address and to maintain it. The site will be continuously improved and should serve as another excellent educational, marketing and public relations program for USPS.

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