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Towing Water Toys
Monitor the Fun!
When a person is being towed, there must be a spotter on board who can monitor the towing activity at all times.
Fueling BLOW it OUT!
You must run your blower for at least four minutes before each startup.
(roll over the picture & flip the switch!)
Better Blow Zero! Alcohol & Boating
The effects of alcohol are intensified by sun, wind and the motion of a boat.
Cuddle Up - H.E.L.P. Hypothermia
Swimming to shore is always the best thing to do when suffering from hypothermia.
Comfort & Safety can go together

All boats are required to carry one approved lifejacket or PFD - appropriately sized - for each person on board.
(roll over the picture to inflate the PFD!)

Loading a Boat
How much? And where to put it!
The stability of a boat depends greatly on the placement of people and the gear it carries.
No.... you should move! Rules of the Road
Under the "rules of the road", powerboats are required to give way to less maneuverable boats.
Risky behavior - and NO PFD's! Careless Operation
A person operating a vessel in a careless manner could be charged by enforcement authorites.


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