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What are Trustees?

The trustees are current members of USPS. They may serve two consecutive terms of three years each. However, those elected to fill the term of a trustee who resigned, may at the end of that term, be elected to serve two consecutive terms. All trustees serve without compensation or travel expenses. However, the trustees employ an administrative assistant who handles the day to day activities. They also employ John Riazzi of Riazzi Asset Management, Dayton, OH to administer the investments of the principal fund and Charles Schwab Corp as the broker.

Each squadron and district should have a fund representative to provide information on the fund and encourage contributions at the local level.

Who are the Trustees?

The current trustees are:

  • Alan Wentworth, D/10 – Chairman
  • Dave Hinders, D/99 – Vice-Chairman
  • Nigel Hargreaves, D/8 – Secretary
  • Susan Darcy, D/2 – Treasurer
  • Lucille Horowitz, D/4
  • Les Johnson, D/25

Alan Wentworth may be contacted by postal mail at 100 St Mary's Blvd, Green Bay, WI 54301-2602 or by e-mail at

Past and current trustees are shown in the below PDF documents.



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