Fort Worth Sail and Power Squadron
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Information for Members

Officers and Committees
Calendar of Events
Member Activities
Course Information
Online Roster and Org Chart
          The link takes you to a secure website on the HQ computer that provides
          a basic squadron roster and organization chart.
Treasurer's Page
          Info and forms for sales tax exemption, expense reimbursement, etc.
USPS Benchmarking Program
          Information needed to find and report benchmarks.
District 21 Information
        The Fort Worth squadron is part of District 21,
        which covers Texas, western Louisiana, and central Oklahoma.
District 21 Web Site
USPS Information
USPS Main Web Site
(You can also access SailAngle from the members' page on this site.
Once you are logged on to the USPS site, the SailAngle button
will take you directly to your page.)

Updated 6 November 2016