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 Phoenix Burgee

2013 Change of Watch
Palmbrook Country Club
9350 W Greenway Road, Sun City, AZ
February 2, 2013

 1730 No Host Cash Bar
 1830 Buffet Dinner
 1930 Change of Watch


12 ounce Prime Rib
Chicken Florentine
Baked Potato w/Trimmings
Asparagus Bundle
Tossed Green Salad
Hot Roles w/Butter
Cheesecake w/Blueberry Sauce
Coffee & Tea

Price per person: $29.00

The 2012 Phoenix Sail and Power Squadron saw Rob Anderson installed as the new commander. Rob, who has earned seven merit marks, recently returned to the Phoenix area after a two-year stint in China on assignment by his employer.

Cdr Robert Anderson, Jr., P

Also installed were new bridge members Lt/C Dan Sheen, P, four merit marks, as executive officer; Lt/C Chuck Davis, P, with six merit marks, reprising his role as AO after a year’s absence; Lt/C Ron McNeil, AP, with three merit marks, squadron educational officer; L/C Jan Park, AP, with nine merit marks, returning as squadron secretary; and Lt/C Jackie Wanta, S, with nine merit marks, also returning as squadron treasurer. Members of the squadron Executive Committee and members of the Auditing, Rules and nominating Committee were also installed.

P/C Chris Lockyer-Bratton, AP

Chris Lockyer-Bratton finished a two year volunteer as commander, and was presented with a number of gifts, including a signal to fly from his boat, Miss M.

Lt/C Jackie Wanta, S with the John Yount Award

Jackie Wanta was awarded the coveted John Yount Sheer Genius Award for her thwarted attempt to introduce contraband mussels to Lake Powell earlier this year. Her eyes were closed in this photo in stunning disbelief that she would have risen to the pinnacle of boating excellence noted by the granting of the award.

P/Lt Joe Warren, JN (right) is the 2011 recipient of the
Thunderbird Award

Vessel Safety Check award recepients
(l-r) Ron and Rose Werner, Jackie Wanta, Terry Gray,
Bill Johnson, John Lusson and Christ Lockyer-Bratton

Commander Rob Anderson hold the Squadron Charter
that dates back to the 1960 beginning of the Squadron

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