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The Phoenix Sail and Power Squadron is managed by a "Bridge" of officers elected by, and responsible to, the membership. They are assisted in their duties by an Executive Committee elected from the membership and by committee chairman and members who carry out the programs, functions and activities of the Squadron. The Bridge consists of the Commander, Executive Officer, Educational Officer, Administrative Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Dan Sheen, P

Executive Officer

Chuck Peterson, SN

Educational Officer
Ron Werner, SN

Administrative Officer
Bill Johnson, SN

Kim Sheen, S

Jackie Wanta, S

Executive Committee in session
Executive Committee Meeting

Phoenix Sail & Power Squadron Officers and Committees

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Squadron Bridge Officers
 Commander  Cdr. Dan Sheen, P
 Executive Officer  P/D/C Chuck Peterson, SN
 Educational Officer  P/C Ron Werner, SN
 Administrative Officer  Stf/C Bill Johnson, SN
 Secretary  Lt/C Kim Sheen, S
 Treasurer  Lt/C Jackie Wanta, S


Executive Committee
 Member at Large  P/Lt/C Arthur Ashton, JN
 Member at Large  P/D/C Connie Johnson, SN
 Member at Large  
 Member at Large  


Auditing Committee
 Chairman  Lt/C John Schmelzeis
 2 Year Member  
 3 Year Member  


Nominating Committee
 Chairman  P/C Chris Lockyer-Bratton, AP
 2 Year Member  
 3 Year Member  


Rules Committee
 Chairman  P/Lt/C Bernie Lindgren, JN
 2 Year Member  
 3 Year Member  


Budget & Finance Committee
 Chairman  Lt/C Jackie Wanta, S
 2 Year Member  P/C Ron Werner, SN
 3 Year Member  


Commander's Department
 Ch Merit Mark  Lt/C Jan Park, AP
 Flag Lieutenant  P/D/C Bill Johnson, SN
 Law Officer  
 Ch Policy and Procedures  P/C Chris Lockyer-Bratton, AP
 Port Captain Arizona Lakes  P/D/C Lee Whitehead, SN
 Port Captain Arizona Lakes  Lt Rose Werner, P
 Port Captain Colorado River/Lakes  P/C Ron Werner, SN
 Port Captain Mexico  P/D/C Paul Schoonover, SN


Executive Department
 Ch Environmental Committee  Lt Rose Werner, P
 Ch Legislative Committee Vacant
 Liaison AZ Game & Fish Vacant 
 Liaison USCG Aux  P/C Ron Werner, SN
 Boat Show  P/D/C Connie Johnson, SN
Ch Change of Watch  Cdr Dan Sheen, P
 Public Relations Officer  P/D/C Chuck Peterson, SN
 Radio Technical Officer  
 Ch Vessel Safety Check Committee  P/C Ron Werner, SN
 Ch Safety Committee  P/C Ron Werner, SN
 Ch AZ Safe Boating Celebration  
 Ch D/28 2015 Fall Conference  


Educational Department
 Assistant Education Officer  P/C Ron McNeil, AP
 Ch Advanced Grades  P/D/C Chuck Peterson, SN
 Ch Elective Grades  P/C Ron Werner, SN
 Ch Basic Public Education  
 Seminar Courses  
 Ch Boat Operator Certification  


Administrative Department
 Ch Boating Activities Committee Vacant 
 Ch Membership Committee  P/D/C Bill Johnson, SN
 Ch Member Involvement Committee  Lt Kim Sheen, S
 Ch Operations Training Vacant 
 Ch Calling Committee  P/D/C Chuck Peterson, SN
 Ch P/C BBQ  P/C Ron Werner/Stf/C Bill Johnson
 Co-Ch Stink Pot Cruise  P/C Ron D. Werner, SN
 Co-Ch Stink Pot Cruise  P/D/C William Johnson, SN
 Ch Offshore Cruise  P/C Tim Harrington, SN
 Co-Ch Lynx Lake Rendezvous Vacant
 Co-Ch Lynx Lake Rendezvous  
 Ch Catalina Islands Cruise  P/D/C Frank Fitzgerald, AP
 Ch June Lake Pleasant Raft-up Lt/C Jackie Wanta, S 
 Ch Lake Pleasant Soak & Sweat Lt/C Jackie Wanta, S 
 Ch Rocky Point Rendezvous  P/D/C Paul Schoonover, SN
 Ch Lake Powell Rendezvous - Summer  P/Lt/C Art Ashton, JN
 Ch Lake Powell Rendezvous - Fall  P/Lt/C Art Ashton, JN
 Ch D/28 Colorado River Rendezvous Stf/C Bill Johnson, SN 
 Ch Christmas Party Stf/C Bill Johnson, SN 
 Ch Santa Cruise Vacant 
 Ch Snow Cruise  P/Lt/C Joe Warren, JN
 Ch Pocket Cruisers Covention  P/Lt/C Joe Warren, JN
 Ch California Convergence with D/13  P/Lt/C Joe Warren, JN
 Ch Turkey Roast  P/D/C Bill Johnson, SN


Secretary's Department
 Historian  P/D/C Bill Johnson, SN
 Bos'n's Pipe Editor  P/D/C Lee Whitehead, SN
 ENSIGN Correspondent  P/D/C Lee Whitehead, SN
 Publication Committee  P/D/C Lee Whitehead, SN
 Photographer  Lt Rose Werner, P
 Ch Directory  Lt/C Jan Park, AP
 Ch Information Technology Committee  P/D/C Bill Johnson, SN
 Ch Website Committee  P/D/C Bill Johnson, SN
 Ch Roster Stf/C Bill Johnosn, SN 
 SailAngle Moderators  Cdr Dan Sheen, P
 Stf/C Bill Johnson, SN


Treasurer's Department
 Ch Ships Store  Lt/C Jackie Wanta, S
 Ch Property Lt/C Jackie Wanta, S 

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