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The Erie Power Squadron, as a member of the United States Power Squadrons, is a boating organization of people who enjoy boating and want to learn more about it.  We have picnics and boating activities during the summer and dinner meetings with speakers or tours during the colder months.  The Schedule page will show a list of upcoming activities and the Photo Gallery has pictures of members involved in events.  Also, the Newsletter page has copies of past newsletters that can be downloaded.

The Erie Power Squadron (United States Power Squadrons) also offers other benefits to members who are interested.  By belonging to the Erie Power Squadron, you will receive our monthly newsletter, "The Scupper".  You will have the option of having it mailed to you or receiving an electronic copy via email.  Also, you will receive a squadron roster, which lists other members and their boats.  Next, you will receive a monthly copy of "The Ensign".  This is the magazine of the United States Power Squadrons.  You will also be eligible to receive "The Compass".  This is an electronic supplement magazine that is sent out by the United States Power Squadrons.


If you are interested in joining the Erie Power Squadron, you can call (814-866-2058) or email your information to erieps@gmail.com and the information will be forwarded to our membership committee who will contact you.  It is also possible fill out the Membership Form on the USPS website and the information will be sent to the Erie Power Squadron.  To apply for membership, you must have fulfilled the educational requirement of having taken a boating course with a proctored exam.


The United States Power Squadrons are at the forefront of boating education and offer many classes to interested parties.  A complete list of these classes, with descriptions is available on the Member Courses page.

Seamanship                    Engine Maintenance

Piloting                         Marine Electronics

Advanced Piloting              Cruise Planning      

Junior Navigation                       Sail              

Navigation                            Weather     

Instructor Development           Electronic Navigation


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Erie Power Squadron and are interested in what the costs of membership are here is a cost breakdown.

Dues are on a yearly basis.  The new member fee is a one time cost.

                                 Single Member                    $87.00 per year

                                    Family-2 active                   $136.50 per year

Prices for junior members is also available.

(There is also a $25.00 opt in/out fee for DAN boater medical rescue service.)



If you would like more information on benefits of this organization, USPS Member Benefits has more information on other benefits offered by the United States Power Squadrons.  The benefits are also listed below.



For people with kids or grandkids,  there are programs to get the whole family invovled.

Youth web at www.USPS4Kids.org

Kids Crew program

Youth activity poster contests

Youth Program Partners such as BSA-Sea Scouts



There are also discount programs with different companies, that you can take advantage of.

                                                                   Trawlerfest                                                         Office Depot

                                                                   Marriott for conferences                                    Hamilton Marine                  

                                                                   Ensign Magazine                                                Nobeltec Software, Charts, Tides & Currents

                                                                   Ford                                                                     Soundings Magazine           

                                                                  Motel 6                                                                 USPS Port Captains           

                                                                  C-Map                                                                  McGraw Hill Online bookstore

                                                                  John Hancock (LTC)                                          Rosepoint Navigation Software

                                                                  Red Roof Inn                                                       USPS Vacation Center

                                                                  Chubb Insurance                                                 Cruises Only

                                                                 Wyndham Hotels and Resorts                              Sears Commercial

                                                                 USPS Wireless Center                                         Great Lakes Cruising Clubs School

                                                                 LifeLock                                                               Metlife

                                                                 Pyrocool Personal Aerosol                                 USPS Prescription Savings Card

                                                                 Budget Rent a Car                                              Life Line Screening

                                                                LTCR (Long Term Care Resourses)                 Travelers

                                                                Maritech Industries                                           Avis Rent a Car

                                                                On Call Industrial                                            Highway Mariners

                                                                Rigid Boats                                                       GPS for Mariners (book)

                                                               Moving Day Boxes                                            Weems & Plath

                                                               Ensign Magazine                                           Compass online magazine


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Last Update: August 08, 2022