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Commander Cdr. Doug Fisher, SN fisherda@verizon.com
Executive Officer Open  
Administrative Officer Lt/C William Long, JN billlong1348@gmail.com
Education Officer Lt/C Tom Pallotta, AP tcpallotta@msn.com
Treasurer Lt/C  Bill Smith, S bsmithboats@verizon.net
Secretary Open  


Other Positions


Boating Activities Chairman

P/D/C  Ed Garr, AP

IT Chair/Contact

C  James Tingley, P

Member Involvement Chairman

Pat Dean, P

Membership Chairman

Pat Dean, P

Newsletter Chairman

C  James Tingley, P

Operations Training Chairman

P/C Tom Pallotta, AP

Public Relations Chairman

D/Lt James Tingley, P

Vessel Safety Check Chairman

P/C Tim Margosian, P


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   Last Update: March  27, 2023