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United States Power Squadrons is
a non-profit fraternal boating club
dedicated to promoting boating safety,
education and civic service.

Our Squadron serves the greater Taunton, MA area.
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Carbon Monoxide (CO) Concerns

Do you know your knots?
Learn how to tie them
or just look it up by name.

    • LEARN Boating Skills   We teach boating skills which lead to safety on the water.
       America's Boating Course     Open to the public  
  Next course: TBA         For more information go to the LEARN Boating Skills page.

A course designed to be useful to all boaters, from the fisherman in an outboard to the skipper of a large cruiser or sailboat.  All boaters are subject to nautical rules and regulations.  Skippers should learn and respect traditional boating courtesies.  The courses are meant to be of interest to the entire family; older children are welcome  We encourage your family to attend as a group. 
This course exceeds educational requirements in all states. You will receive a certificate upon passing an exam.

More information on the content of the course   
Photos of a typical classroom setting
Photo of Youth Boating Course Graduates

       USPS Seminars   Open to the public    

USPS University is here with new programs targeted to a range of boaters and types of boating. The hallmark of this concept is the Seminar Series. These short seminars are targeted to specific topics and needs with a two-hour format, and valuable take-away guides.

       Member Courses      Open only to members
Photo of recent Marine Electronics graduating class
        Members, we have Advanced courses and Elective courses.
If the course that you want to take is not scheduled on our Education Page, please contact waynellie@aol.com to schedule it.
       Mastering marlinespike      
Learn knots and more
        Study Knots, Decorative knots, Bends, Hitches and Splices on line or in a class.

  • ENGAGE with Boating Friends
      Fall District Conference    Click for pictures
      Awards and Presentation
      Change of Watch and Awards Presentation   Click for pictures
      Awards and Presentation
      Holiday Party:  an evening at a Dinner Theater    Click for pictures
      White's of Westport
      Annual meeting, Supper & Change of Watch   Click for pictures
      The Arbors, Taunton, MA

  • CONNECT with the Boating Community
Cooperative Charting  A public service of USPS
Information on how you can be involved
      Members supply information to the Marine Chart Division of NOS/NOAA leading to corrections to nautical charts, small craft charts, and Coast Pilot publications.
    Vessel Safety Check   A public service of USPS
For more information, write Lee Blackburn at LCLoonPond@aol.com

Is your boat in the water or on a trailer?
    It doesn't matter!

We come to you, whether it's on a trailer or in the water!!
  You can't ask for better service!

What is a Vessel Safety Check?   A Vessel Safety Check is a courtesy examination of your boat (Vessel) to verify the presence and condition of certain Safety Equipment required by State and the Federal regulations. The following topics are all covered in a Vessel Safety Check: Vessel Registration, Personal Flotation Devices, Fire Extinguishers, Ventilation, Backfire Flame Control, Sound Producing Devices, Navigation Lights, Pollution Placard, MARPOL Trash Placard, Marine Sanitation Devices, Overall Vessel condition, and State and/ or Local Requirements.
The Vessel Examiner is a trained specialist and is a member of United States Power Squadrons. The examiner will also make certain recommendations and discuss certain safety issues that will make you a safer boater. If your boat passes the examination, you will receive a VSC decal for your boat.
Click to see photos of our VSC Examiners in action
    Sea Scouting   Mentoring Sea Scouts is a public service of USPS
Click to see our Sea Scouts in action
      An outdoor program for young adults 14 - 20 years old
The Sea Scouts are jointly sponsored by the Taunton River Power Squadron and the Taunton Yacht Club.


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What is USPS?

Our squadron's activities involve the three primary objectives of USPS: community service, continuing education, and enjoying the friendship and camaraderie of our fellow members. The America's Boating Course is the primary public service provided by the Taunton River Power Squadron.

A few of the Benefits of Membership

  • Free Boating Education
  • GPS for Mariners discounted from McGraw-Hill   
  • Discounts on Computer Software and Hardware
  • USPS Boat Insurance Program
  • USPS Port Captains
  • Discounts with Maptech
  • The Ensign® Magazine
  • The Compass - Electronic Newsletter

See more about Member benefits at https://www.usps.org/index.php/memberbenefits2

If you are not already a member, please go to the About Us page and see more of what we are all about.

How to become a member Go to https://www.usps.org/index.php/join-usps

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