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Fort Worth Sail and Power Squadron

A Unit of the United States Power Squadrons
District 21
Since 1958

Fort Worth, Texas

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The Fort Worth Sail and Power Squadron is a unit of the United States Power Squadrons (USPS),
a private, non-profit, non-governmental, and non-military organization of men,
women, and children who share a love of boating and a passion for promoting safe boating. 
USPS includes squadrons (such as FWSPS) throughout the United States, and more distant areas,
where there are Americans interested in boating.  It is the world's largest private boating organization,
and has been offering safe boating education to the public since it was organized in 1914.
Read more about why USPS is America's Boating Club here.

 The Fort Worth Sail and Power Squadron is one of 11 squadrons in
 District 21, which covers Texas, Western Louisiana, and southern Oklahoma.  Please go to the District 21 web site
for more information on the other squadrons, as well as on the District itself.  A district is
an intermediate level organization between the individual squadrons and the national
organization.  The district provides a way for squadrons in a geographic area to share ideas
and information, interact socially, and perform public services on a regional level.

This site is provided as a service to the public and to our members.  Follow the links below to find
information about our Public Boating Courses, Vessel Safety Checks, and links to other areas of the organization. 
Feel free to browse our monthly newsletter, The Sou'wester, to get a better look at us.

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Public Information

Public Boating Course and Seminar Schedule
        A listing of when and where we will be conducting our basic public courses..
       This is your first step to becoming a safer and more knowledgeable boater.
       Also listed are any upcoming seminars, such as GPS and Basic Weather.
Member Boating Education
        We teach a full range of courses to our members,
        from basic boat handling and safety to celestial navigation.
Become a Member of USPS
        Why become a member?  Not only can you join us in all the fun,
        but improve your boating knowledge at the same time!  Many companies
        provide our members with additional benefits, as well.  These include
        boat insurance, computer software and hardware, navigation software and
        equipment, and boating supplies.  These discounts easily pay for the cost
        of membership.
Vessel Safety Check Program
        A free, no-obligation service we provide to check your boat for compliance
        to safety regulations.  We perform a thorough check of your boat and its
        equipment to make sure they are in compliance with applicable regulations,
        as well as provide advice on improving other issues we might notice.
Texas Parks & Wildlife Boating Site
        For information on boating laws, registration, safety,
        education, recreation, etc.
Local Weather   (More weather links)

The Fort Worth Sail and Power Squadron is a unit of 
United States Power Squadrons .
Many Districts and Squadrons have their own web sites. To visit a particular site, and to learn more about the Power Squadron experience, use the links to the right. A new browser window will open for you. Squadron Links

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