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USPS promotes coastline, beach, and waterway clean-up efforts through the volunteer efforts of our membership. Boaters help especially by removing trash and debris found in waterways that cannot be accessed directly from the shore.

Some states have a spring and fall coastal clean-up effort but annual events usually coordinate with the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean-up held each year in September. Members also look into specific state and watershed-led programs as many rivers, bays and lakes have their own individual clean-up initiatives.

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 Green Team Outing
17 July 2010
Lake Mary, AZ

By Rose Werner

Ready to get out of the heat for a short while?? Come up to Flagstaff for a little fun in the pines.

We would like to meet at Lake Mary outside of Flagstaff
Saturday, 17 July 2010
Time: About 10AM at the Lake Mary launch ramp.

If you plan to come please RSVP 623-465-0856 or respond back to this email; so we can look for you. We will be watching and have a sign Board.

The lake was open for small cooking fires but this may have recently changed due to the recent fires.

I will keep all those informed on this who will be going.

We will clean the lake in the AM.

Lunch at the lake would be nice but if not we have options to discuss, to those who are coming up to Flagstaff.

Directions to Lake Mary:

Before reaching Flagstaff there is a Lake Mary exit on the right. The drive should take about 15 minutes form the Lake Mary turn off.

Bring yourselves. A hat, Insect repellent, sun screen, A rain poncho or rain gear. The dollar store has plastic ponchos. I will have several if anyone needs one. These can be disposed of after being worn. Small water boats are on this lake and if anyone wants to bring his or her small motor boat please do.

I will have a cooler of cold water. Trash bags. Some personal items if needed.

* * *

Horse Thief Basin
Environmental Service with Confidence to make a difference

By Rose and Ron Werner

We as a boating group love to get away to the water. We like to try and make things safer.

Recently we tried something different. A few of us gathered our trash bags and gloves wearing old clothes we headed up to the small Horse thief Lake (Outside of Crown King) to clean it up after the winter. We all were busy and at all times we were joyful with the work we managed to get done. This experience gives one confidence that we can make a difference.

The small lake had all anyone could want. The ducks were swimming with their young. The fish were coming to see if we had a handout. The Rangers knew we were coming but were out on assignment as did the Fireman who were busy doing activities to improve their skills to be better firemen. Both of these groups were very excited that we were coming to help clean.  A few years ago a fire came though leaving many trees burned. We collected several bags of trash.

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