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District 28
Sail and Power Boating

"Come for the Education ... Stay for the Fun"

 Phoenix Burgee


(Tribal knowledge is any unwritten information
that is not commonly known by others)

And Who Are We?
3 June 2012

126 Members
- 60 Senior Members (47%)
- 16 Life Members (12%)
10 Associate Members
0 New Members
0 Honorary Members
0 Misc Affiliates

88 members have at least one Merit Mark (69%)
This squadron has a total of 1155 Merit Marks
For an average of 9.1 per member, or 13.1 per member with a merit mark
51 is the greatest number of Merit Marks for an individual
There are 21 Certified Instructors (16%)
There are 9 Vessel Examiners (7%)

18 members are Seaman (14%), 93 have passed Seamanship (73%)
23 members are Pilots (18%), 75 have passed Piloting (59%)
26 members are Advanced Pilots (20%), 52 have passed Advanced Piloting (41%)
11 members are Junior Navigators (8%), 26 have passed Junior Navigation (20%)
1 members are Navigators (0%), 15 have passed Navigation (11%)
14 members are Senior Navigators (11%)
42 members have achieved Educational Proficiency (33%)

The Fleet
There are 71 boats in the fleet
- 17 are Sail (23%)
- 49 are Power (69%)
- 5 are Unspecified (7%)
- 17 have no name (23%)

 Boat and BBQ Graphic
Galley Gourmet
Phoenix Sail and Power Squadron's
Recipes for the Boat or Beach

Slow Boat Clam Chowder
Dale Payne


1 large diced onion
1 large diced potato
1 thick bacon slice - diced

Cover in water, boil until done.

Make a White Sauce with:

4 tablespoons margarine
4 tablespoons flour
1 1/2 cup milk
season to taste

Heat and stir to boiling, sauce will be thick. Add 1 cup chopped fresh clams, potato-onion mix, and clam juice to white sauce. Serve Hot.

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