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Submittal Process

Interest and dividends obtained by the investment of the contributions are distributed by a process of grants. To request a grant, a completed and signed USPS Educational Fund Grant Request form must be submitted to the trustees contact cited on the form. After discussion, a vote is taken. If four or more trustees approve, the chair signs the grant, a grant number is assigned and the treasurer makes the moneys available.

Some grants may be awarded outside USPS. When this happens, upon approval, the treasurer sends the recipient a check for the full amount, asks for a full accounting when the work is completed and a refund of funds not spent.

For USPS grants, the treasurer informs USPS Headquarters of the grant number, its expiration date and the amount of the grant. Headquarters bills the treasurer as the work progresses and a final bill on the expiration date, or when the work is completed, whichever occurs first.

The grant holder will send to the current chair of the Trustees a written report of the progress and status of the project 30 days prior to each USPS Annual or Governing Board Meeting, and a final detailed report of the expenditure of the funds when the project is completed. All funds granted but not used for a project must be returned to the fund.

NOTE: The trustees have no responsibility or liability with regard to any project for which a grant is authorized.


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