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Operating Procedures

As of 03 February 2011

A printable copy (PDF, 33KB) is available here.


1.1 These United States Power Squadrons (USPS) Educational Fund Operating Procedures shall be a directive for the guidance of the Trustees of the USPS Educational Fund, shall amplify the Trust Declaration as to detail, and shall include any motions of operation as passed by the Trustees as provided in ARTICLE IV TRUSTEES of the Trust Declaration. Roberts’ Rules of Order, newly revised, shall govern all procedures. The Operating Procedures should not be used to establish fundamental policy or conflict with the provisions of the Trust Declaration.


2.1 The USPS Educational Fund Operating Procedures shall be examined by the Trustees annually following the USPS Annual Meeting. The Secretary shall notify all Trustees of any actions taken during the past year that might require any modification of these Operating Procedures. Any revisions require a two-thirds affirmative vote of all elected Trustees. Copies of revised Operating Procedures shall be distributed to all Trustees by the Secretary.


3.1 Article IV TRUSTEES of the Trust Declaration specifies the number of Trustees to be six, two elected each year to three-year terms.
3.2 As vacancies become available, the current Trustees shall screen and identify potential Trustee candidates. Recommendations will be submitted by the Chairman to the USPS Committee on Nominations, which in turn nominates Trustee candidates for election by the USPS Governing Board.


4.1 All regular meetings of the USPS Educational Fund Trustees are to be open to all – USPS members as well as the general public - except that the Trustees may choose to meet in executive session when they determine that to be in the best interests of the Fund.
4.2 In agreement with the intent of ARTICLE IV TRUSTEES of the USPS Educational Fund Trust Declaration, meetings of the USPS Educational Fund Trustees for the purpose of the election of officers shall be convened by the Chairman within three days of the Annual Meeting of USPS. The election of officers is normally held during an executive session of the Trustees following the open business meeting. During such executive session, the Trustees will elect from their own members (for the new year) a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, and a Secretary, who shall hold office until the next Annual Meeting of USPS, when the Trustees will hold another election. Only those Trustees whose terms continue or who are being newly-elected by the new USPS Governing Board shall have a vote for the election of these new officers. If a vacancy occurs during the year in any of the elected officer positions, the Trustees may hold a special meeting (either in person, electronically, or by mail) to fill such vacancy.
4.3 A Treasurer, who need not be a Trustee, shall also be elected and will serve at the will of the Trustees.
4.4 One Trustee may be elected, at the discretion of the majority of the Trustees, to serve in the position of Secretary-Treasurer of the USPS Educational Fund.


5.1 All business of the Trustees may be conducted in face-to-face meetings, electronically (e.g., via e-mail or conference calls), by postal or package delivery service, or by any other means the Trustees may select.
5.2 Any motion made by a Trustee other than in a face-to-face meeting (e.g., via electronic means) must be seconded in a similar manner.
5.3 Following a motion and second via electronic or postal means, a discussion period shall remain open for a period of one week (or longer, at the discretion of the Chairman) unless terminated sooner by the unanimous vote of the Trustees. At the conclusion of the discussion period, a vote shall be taken on the motion using the same communications medium as was used for the discussion.
5.4 A web site shall be established and maintained that will provide information as to the nature and intent of the USPS Educational Fund, grants awarded, trustees and their terms of office, grant request forms and procedures, and reports on the financial performance and status of the trust funds.


6.1 The Trust Declaration specifically states that “the income” shall be used “exclusively to promote the development of and for the furtherance of educational programs, techniques and courses in boating, seamanship, navigation, engine maintenance, marine electronic equipment, sailing, weather, boating safety and other marine activities generally…”
6.2 It is not the intent of this Fund to expend monies in grants for the purchase of equipment to be used primarily by squadrons or districts. Any equipment purchased with grant money must be for the benefit of all members of USPS or any other boating organization to which a grant has been awarded. Examples of excluded items include computers and projectors.
6.3 All grants must be approved by a majority of the total number of Trustees voting (minimum of three votes in favor).
6.4 Any Trustee may vote on behalf of him/herself and of any other Trustee not present from whom he/she holds a written proxy.
6.5 Grants are most frequently made with a completion date of about one year from the date of the Grant, at which time a full final written report is due. Extensions of a Grant completion date may be considered by the Trustees upon petition by the Grantee, but no more than two extensions to a Grant will be made.


The above Educational Fund Operating Procedures were adopted on 19 October 2009, by the USPS Educational Fund Trustees:

David Drummond Richard E. Kyle
Earl J. Mummert Wayne G. Spraggins
Spencer P. Anderson, Vice-Chair James E. Roeber, Chair

Paragraph 6.5 was added to these Procedures as a result of actions taken at the 3 February 2011 meeting.


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