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Next Meeting

The next Educational Fund Trustees meeting will occur in September 2024. Check back for any changes.

Hotel details and other meeting information for the September 2024 Governing Board Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA are available on the National Meetings web site.

The EdFund meeting is an "Open" meeting — anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. Meetings may be conducted via electronic means when necessary.

Trustees will review all outstanding Grants and progress there-on; consider any requests for deadline extensions; welcome any new Grant Request proposals; and review our financial/investment status.


Meeting Documents

Orlando, Jan 2024 61KB, PDF 109KB, PDF
Kansas City, Sep 2023 95KB, PDF 115KB, PDF
Orlando, Feb 2023 87KB, PDF 376KB, PDF
Raleigh, Sep 2022 No meeting No meeting
Ponte Vedra, Feb 2022 86KB, PDF 149KB, PDF
Raleigh, Aug 2021 88KB, PDF 115KB, PDF
Virtual Annual Meeting, Feb 2021 88KB, PDF 170KB, PDF
Virtual Meeting, Aug 2020 87KB, PDF 174KB, PDF
Ponte Vedra, Feb 2020 167KB, PDF 173KB, PDF
Louisville, Sep 2019 128KB, PDF 163KB, PDF
Orlando, Feb 2019 100KB, PDF 115KB, PDF
Minneapolis, Aug 2018 99KB, PDF 117KB, PDF
Orlando, Feb 2018 98KB, PDF 114KB, PDF
Dallas, Sep 2017 77KB, PDF 113KB, PDF
Orlando, Feb 2017 80KB, PDF 187KB, PDF
Pittsburgh, Aug 2016 91KB, PDF 188KB, PDF
Orlando, Feb 2016 74KB, PDF 178KB, PDF
San Diego, Aug 2015 32KB, PDF 113KB, PDF
Jacksonville, Jan 2015 17KB, PDF 63KB, PDF
Arlington, Sep 2014 32KB, PDF 66KB, PDF
Jacksonville, Jan 2014 18KB, PDF 96KB, PDF

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