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Annually, the National Cooperative Charting Committee presents the national   GOLDEN EAGLE award to the district Cooperative Charting chairman who has best prepared his district during the year for current and future excellence in Cooperative Charting.

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Horst Boettge Excellence in Cooperative Charting Award  
  • The Horst Boettge Excellence in Cooperative Charting Award will be presented annually by the Cooperative Charting Committee.
  • The purpose of this award is to stimulate interest in the United States Power Squadrons’ program of Cooperative Charting: both geodetic marker recovery and nautical survey work. These programs can help fulfill the squadron’s civic service as well as fulfilling the basic need of encouraging boat safety.
  • This annual award shall be acknowledged at USPS/America’s Boating Club Annual National Meeting to the Individual who is not a member of the Cooperative Charting Committee and has earned the highest excess percentage of points. This calculation can be found on monthly spreadsheets on the Cooperative Charting web pages.
  • The Horst Boetttge Excellence in Cooperative Chart Award can only be awarded one time to any individual.
Horst Boettge Award
                                          Horst Boettge Award Recipients Year                                        
  P/Stf/C Donald L Grotjan, SN    2020       
  P/C Ronald J Spitz, SN    2021      
  P/R/C Robert D Holub, SN      2022        
  P/D/C Dave Bialorecki, SN 2023