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A Port Captain is a member of the United States Power Squadrons®, who stands ready to provide advice and assistance to questions about safe boating and general issues regarding specific waterways.

The Port Captain can recommend service providers for boats such as mechanics, sail repairs medical products or assistance, local restaurants, lodging and shopping.  Online tools available for boaters, including Garmin® Active Captain, is software available to cruisers to provide the latest information listed by other boaters for boaters.

The Port Captain is familiar with the activities of local America's Boating Clubs, the U.S. Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Auxiliary, including events available through the towns and cities they represent.

While Port Captains are under no obligation to provide more than friendly advice, they are persons who enjoy meeting people and strive to be of assistance to any and all contacts if possible.

They are eager to share their knowledge of local waters, unmarked hazards to safe navigation and to make inquirers feel they are welcome and have found a friend. 

In part, these words were included in the original message to anyone contacting a Port Captain; "Knowledge, Seamanship, Service and Friendship is the essence of the United States Power Squadrons since 1913.  P/C/C Pou Bailey, SN"


We are now known as "America's Boating Club"

To be successful as a club, we must be visible to persons wanting to learn more about what our club represents.  We must provide activities that are useful, fun and include as many members as possible to generate a sense of camaraderie.

A Port Captain position should be a highly recognized component of the Club and should make every effort to reach out to both members and non-members regarding the knowledge and friendships available through active participation.


Port Captains represent the best our membership has "For Boaters, By Boaters"


Please refer to the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page if you need more information about the Port Captains program.

A variety of options are available for listing Port Captains.  Please see Port Captain List


For more information on the USPS® Squadron Activities Committee Port Captain program please contact:

Committee Chairman

Stf/C Kathryn "Cookie" J. Stevens, SN