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Salt and Verde River Lakes

The Phoenix Sail & Power Squadron has a number of events each year that are held on the reservoirs of the Salt a Verde Rivers. To see the photos and descriptions of these events click on the links below:

 Apache Lake (Salt River)
 Canyon Lake (Salt River)
 Bartlett Lake (Verde River)

Don’t Miss the 15th Annual Turkey Fry
WHO: All members of our Phoenix Sail & Power Squadron and family.

What: The Annual Turkey Fry Potluck!  

WHEN: 18 November 2017, 1100 (11 am). Din­ner will be 1400 (2PM) (if ALL the turkeys cooperate).

WHERE: We will meet at the Connie & Bill Johnson’s home located at 8935 W Villa Chula St, Peoria AZ 85383. 

COST:  $5.00 per adult, under 18 free.  Bring your family, a Thanksgiving dish to share, a chair and eating utensils, and a thankful heart. There will be ample time for visiting with others and/or playing games.   There is room for horseshoes. 

Plans are to deep fry 3 turkeys again this year.  Other dishes needed are mashed po­tatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, rolls, gravy, stuffing, desserts, very large paper plates, plastic silverware, butter, ice, or anything else you would find at a Thanksgiving dinner table.

So that we have ample food and a good variety, please RSVP to Bill or Connie Johnson with your number of people attending as well as what food dish you intend to bring.  In past years we consumed three (3) twenty-pound turkeys, had no leftovers or hungry people! We hope to see you there and look forward to another great day with our boating family.

Special Note: This is a location in north Peoria.  See the map for directions.  Bill Johnson BILLJ6@GMAIL.COM, Cell:  623-396-5468 or Connie Johnson  Cell: 602-695-2147


Photos from Previous Years by Rose Werner

Chris Lockyer-Bratton & Bill Johnson talk turkey while John Lusson & Doug Frazier setup another roaster

Awaiting their fate—These three birds gave their all for those attending the 9th annual turkey fry

The three cooks,
Ron Werner, Doug Frazier, Bill Johnson

Inspection or training session?—Bill Johnson carves one of the three turkeys at the annual Turkey Fry while Joel Lieberman watches

Shielded from the Sun—Willie Burgeson inspects one of the three turkeys provided to nearly 60 guests at the annual turkey fry.

Connie and Janet—They pause for a few minutes to note the camera recording the events of the turkey fry.

Enjoying Bartlett Lake—Marilyn Prigge, John Lusson and Lori Greenstein pose for the camera.

A toast for the cooks—Raoul Jacques offers a toast of thanks to the three cooks at the annual Turkey Fry. The location, the Bartlett Lake Marina campgrounds, was very popular.

Looking over the receipts—David Allocco and Jackie Wanta look over the very low Turkey Fry Expenses.

The smiles say it all—Pat Yount and Grace Schoonover apparently approve of the turkey fry and the new location. Note the shade provided by the abundant number of trees at the campgrounds.


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