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Potlucks and Parties

The Phoenix Sail & Power Squadron has three occasions when it gathers at a member's home to bring the group together for mainly a social event. They are the Ice Cream Social, Fall Potluck, and the Christmas Party. A brief general membership meeting is held at each except the Christmas Party.

To see the photos and descriptions of these events from the past 12 months click on the links below:

Ice Cream Social (May)

Fall Potluck (September)

Christmas Party (December)

Ice Cream Social
12 May 2007
Lusson's in Paradise Valley, AZ

The Ice Cream Social marks the beginning of the summer vacation season. The kids are getting out of school and families are preparing for their summer trips to escape the heat of the Valley. The Ice Cream Social also serves as a fund raiser for the squadron Educational Department and the last membership meeting until everyone returns in the fall. Those that stay behind head for the back yard pool or the lakes and sea shores to keep cool.

Although the group was smaller this year compared to prior meetings at the Lusson's, and thanks to challenge contributions and a successful raffle, over $900 was contributed for the squadron Educational Department capital equipment fund .

As the mountain shadows spread all enjoyed a variety of cool salads and ice cream. Graydon Peiples' slide show of a trip on the Trent-Severn canal system in Ontario, Canada was very informative and entertaining..

The group gathers on the back lawn of the John and Barbara Lusson's home

Tables are set up and there is ample space
for all

Time to meet and greet

 Dinner is served

Larry Knowles and Liz Arnow lead the way,
followed by Diane Ashton and Veronica Anderson

Diane has her eye on that salad

Festive Tables

(l-r) Doug and Nancy Frazier,
Jean (hidden) and Terry Gray

(l-r) Tim Harrington, Marg Hill (hidden), Jim Hill,
Katy and Russ Johnston

(l-r) Bob and Inez Hollenbeck, Graydon and Loraine Peoples

Meeting and Program

Commander Bill Johnson gives the membership oath
to Liz Arnow

Gradon Peoples presented a slide show
of a trip on the Trent Severn canal system.

Although the temperatures were near 100 degrees, the late afternoon shadows and clear skies made for a comfortable time. Thanks again go to our gracious hosts Barb and John Lusson.

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