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Junior Navigation Course Downloads

See the Educational Department Help page to obtain a free viewer for PDF files.
Important note:  When you print PDF files, be sure to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader "print" function and not your browser's print function.  Also, to ensure that figures are printed accurately, please ensure that the check box labeled "Fit to page" in the Adobe "Print" dialog box is unchecked.  If the box is checked, the diagram sizes may be adjusted to fit the paper size, distorting images such as the accurately plotted DWAS meridians that should be exactly 4" apart.



Course Updates

Updates are provided to keep the course material as current as possible. The national course chairman welcomes all comments and suggestions. This Update includes submissions received by the Committee from interested JN instructors and students. Contact the Committee Chairman if you have suggestions for course improvements.

JN14 Update, dated 25 Jul 2016, is available in PDF format (149KB)

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Procedural Guide for Checking JN Sight Folders

A Procedural Guide for Checking JN14 Sight Folders is not currently available for download.

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PowerPoint Files

There are no updates to the PowerPoint files at this time for JN14.

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Meridian Transit PowerPoint Presentation - Supplemental Material

This updated PowerPoint presentation (2524KB, PPTX) discusses three different methods of determining the Zone Time of Meridian Transit:

  • Zone Time of Sun's meridian transit using Nautical Almanac Mer. Pass. method
  • Zone Time of Sun's meridian transit using Nautical Almanac Eqn. of Time method
  • Zone Time of Sun's meridian transit using GHA = Observer's Meridian method

Interestingly, the presentation shows that even the least accurate method gives the same resulting latitude as the most accurate method. (06 Mar 16)

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The following forms are available for downloading and use.  Click on the form abbreviation to download it.  For double sided forms (SRs, JNSK and SL), please print or copy them onto a single sheet of paper before filling them in for submission to Headquarters with your sight folder.

Form Abbreviation Purpose
Sight Reduction - LOC/NASR SR-96A
Used to reduce sights for submission in the Student Sight Folder  (This form must be submitted as a single, double sided sheet.)
Constant Latitude Scale Plotting Sheet
Used to plot sights for submission in the Student Sight Folder
Meridian Transit
Used to compute time of transit and compute observer's latitude from a sight taken at meridian transit
Sight Certification SC
Used by sight checkers to certify JN sun sights have been successfully completed
Sight Log SL
Used to record sight data  (This form must be submitted as a single, double sided sheet.)
Deck Log  DL
Used to record data for the Practice Cruise and Exam

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