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Engine Maintenance

This site is provided as a means of communications with the USPS National Electro-Mechanical Systems Committee (EMSCom).  We welcome your questions and comments on our courses , Learning Guides, and associated materials.

R/C Richard (Rick) Edel, SN
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Important News Concerning EM 2011 and EM 2007

Engine Maintenance (EM) 2011 and EM 2007 have the same stock number, as the material is almost identical. The exams for both are the same and the two manuals can be used within the same classroom. Headquarters is depleting the remaining inventory of EM 2007, after which they will ship only EM 2011. (27 Jan 12)

EMSCom Presentation at Jacksonville Annual Meeting

R/C Gene Danko prepared a status presentation (PPT, 1771KB) for the DEOs and the Open Educational Department meeting at the Annual Meeting in Jacksonville, FL on 27 January 2012. It is available here for information and planning purposes. (27 Jan 12)

EMSCom Presentations at Greensboro GB

R/C Gene Danko gave a status presentation (PPT, 773KB) to the DEOs at the Governing Board Meeting in Greensboro, NC on 15 September this year, and also provided a presentation (PPT, 807KB) to the Open Educational Department meeting on 16 September. They are available here for information and planning purposes. (19 Oct 11)

USPS Local Telephone Number in Course Manuals

Some Engine Maintenance course student and instructor manuals have an incorrect local telephone number for USPS Headquarters on the Acknowledgements Page.  The correct local telephone number is 919-821-0281.  The toll-free number is still 1-888-367-8777 (1-888-FOR-USPS). (21 Dec 10)

EM2007 Updates Available

Some errors in the Engine Maintenance 2007 Student and Instructor Manuals and PowerPoint slides have been noted and may apply to your particular manuals. See the Downloadable Material section for the revisions. (04 Jan 09)

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Engine Maintenance Course Description

The new Engine Maintenance course 2011 has been put into one ten chapter course that stresses the diagnosis of modern systems, while also teaching the basics of engine layout and operation. Gasoline inboards, outboards, and diesel engines are taught in a way that reinforces the common aspects of how engines work. This new course is complete in one book with one exam.

Modern engines offer high reliability and good performance through the use of computerized systems for fuel delivery and engine timing. Most of these systems are “black boxes” that can no longer be serviced by weekend mechanics with ordinary tools. The EM course covers those repairs that do-it-yourselfers can still perform, teaches how to diagnose problems that might be beyond your ability to fix, and how to share information with your mechanic so the right repairs get performed. The new Engine Maintenance course also covers basic mechanical systems such as drive systems (propellers), steering systems, and engine controls. The last chapter discusses solutions you might use to problems that could occur while afloat and away from a repair facility. Gasoline, diesel, and outboard engines are treated independently in this chapter.

EM 2011 is a minor update to EM 2007. We have included metric units throughout and fixed a few minor errors, incorporating the errata published for EM 2007.

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Downloadable Material

Errata Sheets for EM 2007 - Release Edition

Errata sheets for the Student Manual (27KB) and the Instructor Manual (60KB) are available in PDF format. These updates include those previously posted and dated 26 Jul 07. In addition, there is an update (1883KB, PPT) for the PowerPoint slides of Chapter 1. (14 Apr 08)

The revised edition of Engine Maintenance, dated August 2007, has the corrections included, so the SM and IM errata files are not needed. The Chapter 1 slides are needed, but the error consists simply of switching the order of slides 20 and 21. (04 Jan 09)

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Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions or comments about the Engine Maintenance course, please contact the National Electro-Mechanical Systems Committee chairman by e-mail, phone or postal service mail.  Please be sure to keep your SEO and/or DEO advised of any correspondence you may have with the National committee. Addresses for the National EMSCom chairman are listed in The ENSIGN and on the Committee Chairpersons page.

We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible, but please allow 5 working days for an answer.

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