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This page is intended to assist District Educational Officers (DEOs) perform their duties. Suggestions for improvements to this page should be sent to the WebMaster.

Administrative Functions

  • What does the DEO do? See paragraph 4.31 of the USPS Operations Manual.
  • How should things function in the district educational department? See Educational Department Manual (EDM) II, District Educational Officers (PDF, 642KB)
  • Ensure all your SEO nominations submitted by the squadron Nominating Committees have been approved and sent to Headquarters using form ED-80. (Your own nomination information as well as your assistant's information should have been sent to the National Educational Officer (NEO) by your district Nominating Committee Chair using form ED-80.)
  • As DEO, you can assist your SEOs in assigning squadron course, seminar, teaching aid and guide chairperson assignments using the on-line ED-1 function. Note that an SEO can make assignments for his/her own squadron only, but you as DEO can make assignments for any squadron in your district.
  • Encourage all instructors to be certified; note that many states require those teaching public boating classes to be certified. Certification must be renewed every four (4) years as well. You can locate certified instructors with their certification expiration dates by squadron or district from the SEO/DEO Tools page.
  • For questions or comments, contact the appropriate person using the Who to Contact page or the EdDept directory.
  • Be sure to prepare and/or submit Merit Mark recommendations for those members who assisted in your department in any way.
  • Be sure that your SEOs and ASEOs have valid e-mail addresses in the USPS data base. If someone needs to provide or change an e-mail address, he/she can do this him/herself by visiting and clicking on Change Status on the E-Mail Status line. He/she will need to log in using his/her certificate number and PIN in order to make the change.

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Getting News Updates

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Procedure for Enrolling Nonmember Students in USPS University and Ordering Exams

  • Exams can be ordered for nonmembers, but they first must be enrolled in USPS University. Please follow the attached procedure (18KB, PDF) for enrolling the nonmember students in USPS University, ordering exams, and issuing certificates of completion. The nonmember will get a certificate number that may be used for all future courses and seminars and will become their membership number on joining USPS. The enrollment only needs to take place once for each student. Note that USPS University members do NOT get a course completion certificate from USPS Headquarters for advanced courses, so it is incumbent on squadrons to provide this acknowledgment (PDF, 262KB).

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Public Boating Courses

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Public Seminars

  • Ensure all squadron seminars are registered on-line. Registration help is available here if anyone needs assistance with the on-line form.
    • Be sure Online Registrations are allowed for all public seminars.
    • Helpful tips for using the HQ-800 system are in this HQ-800 Quick Guide (142KB PDF or 400KB DOCX). A “BY THE CLICKS” document to REGISTER classes, ENROLL students in the classes, and REPORT completion of the classes is also availeble (83KB PDF, 119KB DOCX).
  • To advertise a seminar, you can use either or Either one will take a user to the search page where a user can find a USPS seminar close to home. You can also copy this QR Code image and add it to flyers so that smartphone users can just scan it and be taken directly to the Find a Seminar web page.
  • Check out the Seminars web page for updated information on all seminars that are being offered in your district, including the seminar trifolds and window flyers to promote seminars. Ensure SEOs are aware of any updated information.
  • Ensure squadrons report student information to Headquarters shortly after seminar completion using either the HQ-800 web application or the Boating Course Assistant standalone software.

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Advanced/Member Courses

  • Coordinate advanced/member courses among the squadrons in your district to allow as many members as possible to take our courses, as well as the general public.
  • Be sure that squadrons know to use this fillable PDF form (262KB) to acknowledge USPS University member completion of Elective Courses or Advanced Grades courses. USPS University members do NOT get a course completion certificate from USPS Headquarters for advanced courses, so it is incumbent on squadrons to provide this acknowledgment.

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  • Recognize your best district instructor with the Chapman Excellence in Teaching Award. Forms are sent to squadrons in the summer every year, and you need to ensure your district selects the best person from all the squadron submissions.
  • Share your best district teaching aid with other districts and squadrons at the USPS Annual Meeting and be recognized for the Best of Show award. Provide the squadron with the best teaching aid in your district with an appropriate local award of recognition.
  • Award the Prince Henry the Navigator Award for educational accomplishments if your district has such an award.

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Ensure that all SEOs and their assistants and staffs are aware of the following information:

District and squadron educational statistics in .txt file format for the 2015-2016 Educational Year are available here (198KB, ZIP). District and squadron educational statistics in .pdf file format for the 2015-2016 Educational Year are available here (874KB, ZIP).

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DEO kits are no longer shipped from HQ. DEOs are encouraged to download and/or use the tools in the DEO and SEO kits directly from the web. DEO kit contents are as follows:

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NEO/ANEO/DEO/ADEO Meeting Minutes

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