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Educational Department
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Educational Department

Following are some general questions that are frequently asked of the Educational Department. Also, check individual course pages for Frequently Asked Questions regarding specific courses.

If you still can't find an answer to your question, submit it via this form, and we'll see about getting you an answer as soon as possible.

1.  QUESTION: My wife and I are interested in joining USPS. If we were to join, can we take member classes at any squadron location?

ANSWER: Yes, members of one squadron may take courses with another squadron. You may need to check with individual squadrons to determine when specific courses are offered and if they will accept students who are members of other squadrons, but it may be done according to USPS policy. See Educational Department Manual I, Squadron Organization, Section 5, paragraph 61 for details.

2.  QUESTION: Do seminar instructors need to be USPS-certified?

ANSWER: No, seminar instructors do not have to be USPS-certified. Certification only applies to those instructing our public boating safety courses. However, USPS encourages all instructors to be certified. See the USPS certification policy page for more information.

3. QUESTION: I have taken and passed the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary (USCGA/USCGAux) advanced course on piloting prior to joining the Power Squadron. How do I receive credit for that knowledge?

ANSWER: As of December 2007, a policy for recognizing individuals who have US Coast Guard or USCG Auxiliary certificates, both as members and for grade recognition, was passed. The latest details are contained in EdDept Notice 91 (EDN 91) which can be found under the EdDept Info drop down menu on this page.

For course credit, have your squadron submit a written request, signed by the Commander, Squadron Educational Officer, or Chairman of the Local Board for Advanced Grades, to USPS Headquarters—Attention Educational Department, accompanied by copies of all pertinent USCG/USCGAux Certificates. Be sure to include the student’s name, the student’s membership number, the name of the squadron with which they are affiliated, and the squadron account number. Be sure that copies of appropriate Coast Guard and/or Coast Guard Auxiliary Certificates are included with the letter.

4.  QUESTION: Where can I find the USPS On the Water Policy that was approved by the Governing Board?

ANSWER: Read the On-the-Water Policy in the USPS Operations Manual, Appendix G.3.

5.  QUESTION: What constitutes a passing grade on an Educational Department exam?

ANSWER: Eighty percent (80%) of the questions must be answered correctly to pass any USPS Educational Department exam.

6.  QUESTION: I can't find how much USPS is charging a squadron per person entered into HQ-800 as having completed a seminar. How much is it and where is it described?

ANSWER: A brief description of this fee is on the Seminars page under News.


If your question isn't answered above, submit your question via this form, and we'll see about getting you an answer as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and interest.


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