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On-Line Exam Ordering Help


Note Regarding Ordering Exams for Non-Member Students

Exams can be ordered for non-members using the on-line process, however they must first be enrolled as students in USPS University. Please follow the procedure 67KB, PDF) for enrolling the non-member students in USPS University first, then you can order their exams. The non-member will get a certificate number that may be used for all future courses and seminars and will become their membership number on joining USPS. The enrollment only needs to take place once for each student.

On-Line Exam Ordering Help

1. You must be a Cdr, SEO, ASEO, Chairman of a Local Board, D/C, DEO or ADEO to successfully use on-line exam ordering. If you are not in such a position, you will not be able to access this process.

2. When the exam ordering page opens, select the Course name and edition/year from the pull-down menu. Then fill in the Class Started date (2 digit month, 2 digit day number, and last 2 digits of the year), the Original Enrollment (the number of students originally enrolled in the course), and the Total Number of Exams being ordered in this order. Click either the Original exam or Re-exam button as appropriate.

3. Enter the Instructor Certificate number, either directly by keystrokes or using the Locate Instructor button. If you click the Locate Instructor button, another page will open where you enter the last name of the person you want to find. You can reduce the search results by using the initial of the person's first name, or use the full first name. Note that you can also enter a nickname if that person has allowed this use in the data base. You may get unexpected results if the name you enter isn't the same as what's in the data base. You can also click "View Squadron Members List" to get a complete list of all the members of your squadron. To select a person, just click the blue "+" button to the left of the person's name.

4. Enter the Send To Certificate number using the same procedures available for the Instructor Certificate Locate button.

5. Enter the Certificate number of the first student, again using the same procedures available to Locate an instructor or Send To certificate number.

6. Enter additional student certificate numbers as you did for the first student. When all student certificates have been entered, click the box to the left of the sentence "I certify that all candidates listed are in good standing and have met all eligibility requirements." Then either click Create Exam Order if everything is ready to go, Edit Order if something needs to be changed, or Apply Changes if you've made any changes to the order already.

7. Check the order one last time for accuracy. You have the option at this time to deselect either the Open Book or Closed Book exam boxes if you only want to order one part of a multi-part exam.

8. If you have any special needs or comments, you can add them in the "Comments" box near the bottom of the screen.

9. When you are satisfied with your order, print your copy using the "Print" button and then click the "Send Order" button. If you print your order but do not click the "Send Order" button, your exam order will NOT be sent to Headquarters. Note and record the "Internet Order Number" on the confirmation screen that shows your order was sent to Headquarters, or print a copy of the confirmation screen using your browser's print function. Note: If you use the Back button after your order was sent, DO NOT CLICK ON "SEND ORDER" AGAIN! You will generate a duplicate order.

10. You will receive an e-mailed copy of your order as confirmation that your order was sent to Headquarters. If you do not receive the e-mail confirmation within a day of ordering, please check the on-line order status. If your "Internet Order Number" is not shown, your order was not sent to Headquarters and you should re-order the exam(s).

11. If you have issues with the on-line exam ordering process, use the normal ED-33 form and mail or fax the order to Headquarters.

Questions or problems with the system should be directed to the EdDept Webmasters.

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