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Educational Department
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Educational Department Contacts

The following "Help Desk" pointers are provided for your use in trying to determine to whom to address an Educational Department question.  E-mail should be used whenever possible.  If e-mail contact is not possible, please write or call the indicated person or office.  Postal addresses are on the inside back cover of The ENSIGN.

Headquarters may be reached toll free telephonically at 1-888-FOR-USPS (1-888-367-8777) from 0800 - 1630 (Eastern Time) weekdays.  Voice mail is available after normal business hours.  Toll-free fax is available at 1-888-304-0813.

Local numbers for Headquarters are 919-821-0281 (telephone) and 919-836-0813 (fax).

Question Area or Topic Address to

Educational Policy Questions or Issues


Course Content, Exam or Sight Folder Content, Critiques, or Grading

Course Chair

Status of Orders for Materials, Exams, or Sight Folders; Invoices; Credits for Returned Materials

Headquarters' Educational Department Staff

Boating Course and Exam Schedules and Contacts; PR Material

USPS Customer Service Center (1-888-FOR-USPS (1-888-367-8777))

Shipping Inquiries, Backorders, Setup for Conference Kits

Art Stevens, USPS Warehouse Manager, Telephone Ext. 214

Web page questions, problems, or suggestions

USPS Headquarters

Headquarters may be reached locally at 919-821-0281 or toll free at 1-888-FOR-USPS (1-888-367-8777) from 0800 - 1630 (Eastern Time) weekdays.  Voice mail is available after normal business hours.

The toll free fax number for Headquarters is 1-888-304-0813, and the local fax number is 919-836-0813..

Mailing address for orders, exams, sight folders, etc. is:

United States Power Squadrons® Headquarters
P.O. Box 30423
Raleigh, NC  27622

Shipping address for returns of materials:

United States Power Squadrons® Headquarters
1504 Blue Ridge Road
Raleigh, NC  27607

Headquarters Educational Department Staff

Headquarters' Educational Department workload is distributed among several people.  Please contact the person most closely associated with your issue. 

To Inquire About: Contact:
Invoices for all orders for course material; all credits for returned course material; Operations Training materials; scanning of computer graded exams;  printing of critiques and results; distribution of all course completion certificate stickers and letters; mailing of award sheets, critiques, and results to squadrons and R/Cs Mary Pat Mills  [millsmp(at)]  Telephone Ext. 222
HQ EdDept supervision; Educational Department catalog; shipping of all exams to Squadrons; printing of Educational Achievement Awards and notification to DEOs and SEOs; interface between HQ and EdDept R/Cs; handling of problem questions from squadrons; files set up and exam data entry; handling of all returned exam packages; invoices for all exam requests and sight submittals; publication of "Successful N Candidates" in The ENSIGN Mary Pat Mills  [millsmp(at)]  Telephone Ext. 222

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