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How to Use the Ed Dept Web Pages

To get course information, click on the appropriate course name hot link at the left of the page to go directly to a specific course.  You can return to the Educational Department Home Page by clicking on the Back button. Acrobat PDF files open in their own window, so your browser window remains open too.

Certain files are for use by USPS members only, and you may be asked to provide your USPS certificate number and five digit postal zip code or your PIN when accessing these files. Please note that with the protected files, the system will try to rename any file you save to your local computer.  When the window opens for the download, please rename the file you're saving to something meaningful for you.  Be sure to include the correct file name extension (e.g., .pdf for an Adobe Acrobat file, .ppt for a PowerPoint file, etc.). If in doubt, check the original file name as shown in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window by hovering your mouse cursor over the file you're trying to download.

To print .pdf files, be sure to click on the PRINTER ICON on the left of the bar across the top of the Acrobat Reader window; do NOT use Print from the browser File menu.

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Free Viewers

Viewers you may need for documents on the Educational Department web pages or CDs are available for free by clicking on the titles below.



Shareware Unzip Programs

Unzip utility programs are available from WinZip or PKWare.

PowerPoint Help

Download slides and update PowerPoint presentations (Note: to change a presentation you must have the full PowerPoint program installed on your computer) Replace or Add new slide(s) to your presentation:

  1. Download the .ppt file by saving it to a directory on your hard drive (remember to rename the downloaded file).
  2. Open the PowerPoint program and on the View menu click on Slide Sorter.
  3. Find the slide you wish to replace, or insert new slides after, and click on it.
  4. On the Insert menu, click on Slides from Files.
  5. Browse to the directory and double click on the .ppt file containing the new slides.
  6. When the slides(s) display, click on the one(s) you wish to add and click on Insert, then click Close.
  7. The new slides will appear in your presentation after the slide you selected in step 3 above.
  8. Delete any old slides by right-clicking on them and choosing Delete from the pop-up menu.

Additional help may be found in The Little PowerPoint Booklet (PDF, 210KB) published by the Instructor Development Committee.


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