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Fire Extinguisher Training System

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Originally funded by the Educational Fund, we now have three $12,000 laser fire extinguishing training systems. Two units are on the East Coast and one on the West Coast.

These systems help in training and practice with various types of fires using a simulated fire and a laser pattern projected from the extinguisher nozzle. Results are scored for time to extinguish the fire. This system is ideal for Boat Operator Certification and boating events. We recommend districts coordinate events.

To see some pictures click here. To see the current schedule for the systems, click here.



Important News!

Squadrons pay freight plus the $100 maintenance fee to use the display. The maintenance fee covers the costs of maintaining the displays for everyone's use.

The display comes in two cases, one weighing 95 pounds and one weighing 26 pounds. Average one way freight charge is $125.

Squadrons should continue to use the USPS account number and ship via UPS. There is a special UPS account set up for the fire extinguisher shipments. Squadrons will receive in the mail two pre-printed shipping labels for the next destination.

UPS will assess a $9 residential pick up charge. Tell UPS to bill that charge to the HQ USPS account number.


BullEx Laser Fire Extinguisher Charges

Due to the popularity of the BullEx® exhibits and the constant shipping around the country, the exhibits are sustaining damages that are not covered by warranty. As a result, each district or squadron is being automatically billed a $100 maintenance fee to offset these expenses. This will allow us to continue to fully utilize all three exhibits.

Requesting a Loaner System

Request a system using the Standard Order Form (SOF). Help is available for using this PDF form. The item number is 11-30-016 and the description is Laser Fire Extinguisher. The cost (maintenance fee) is $100.00 per request. Note that the total cost billed to the squadron or district will include both the freight cost and the maintenance fee.

Please include on the form the date by which you need it, when you'll return it, and what the event is. Squadrons and districts MUST indicate on the Standard Order Form where the unit can be picked up by United Parcel Service (UPS) AFTER your event (see Shipping Information below). Send the completed SOF to Customer Service at with a copy to If sending hard copy via postal mail or fax, mark it for attention of Customer Service at USPS Headquarters. USPS Customer Service will confirm your order.

Shipping Information

Headquarters has established a United Parcel Service (UPS) account for shipping the BullEx exhibit only. Headquarters will mail two pre-printed shipping tickets to the requestor that will include the UPS account number and shipping address for the next destination. Each squadron should call 1-800-PICK-UPS for a pickup. UPS will assess a $9 residential pick up charge. Tell UPS to bill that charge to the HQ USPS account number. You may leave the cases on your front porch or wherever is convenient. You must attach a shipping label to each case. DO NOT take the cases to a UPS store. They charge extra—we have a national account with UPS. DO NOT INSURE THE SHIPMENT! USPS insurance covers theft or loss. Any deviation from this policy will result in a chargeback to the squadron or district.

Ship the BullEx Immediately After Use

Please do not hold on to the Laser Fire Extinguisher display after the event is over. The Display has been reserved by other districts and squadrons and it must be shipped immediately. Lately, some squadrons have given the display to other squadrons that have not ordered it from Headquarters. This deprives a squadron that has followed the rules from having the display when they need it. If this rule is not strictly adhered to, we will have to require that the displays are returned to Headquarters after each use. This would mean that additional freight charges will be incurred, and some squadrons won’t receive the display in time for their event.

Questions may be directed to Customer Service at or to Tammy Brown at

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